Tuesday, March 31, 2009


So these are some pictures of the kids that I took in the fall

of 2008. These are their school pictures since they are home-schooled this year.

They sure did have some nice background options for some of these pictures.


She's just so beautiful she gets her picture in twice.

I cannot wait to take some spring pictures of the kids and hopefully some beautiful family photos!!!

Kansas City, Missouri

So we moved to from Honolulu, Hawaii to Kansas City, Missouri. Why? We moved here to partner with a mission called the International House of Prayer (IHOP-KC). What? It is a 24 hours a day Prayer Room in Kansas City that calls forth, trains, and mobilizes worshipping intercessors. What???? Don't worry if you don't get it right now. If I tried to explain it to you in one paragraph I might loose you. Just keep reading our blog to understand our heart and the call over our lives both individually and together as a family. Just know that right now God has brought us here to soften our heart and raise our children to know the heart of Jesus.

We got here in November. It was a very hard and sad good-bye for us. We had to say good-bye to Kris' parents, brothers, sister, and niece and nephew. The good thing is that Matt's brother (Mark) and sister (Jennifer) have also moved to Kansas City and that our good friend and former pastor Reagan is here also. Soon after we moved here we had the holidays to keep us busy. It was the first winter for the kids and their first time to play in the snow. It doesn't get that much snow here. It mostly just gets really cold and icy. But we have had fun the few times that it snowed here.

Matt's parents also came up here during Christmas and New Years. We had a great time with them. It was really good for the kids to spend time with grandma and grandpa during the holidays. Matt's dad taught us how to make a fire in our fireplace. Matt has gotten quite good at it and the kids love to help him build it. The boys like to do some manly work with their hands and start fires. All of it is done with great safety and care, of course!

More on 2009 in the next blog!