Thursday, May 7, 2009

Kaeo rocks!

So Kaeo likes to play guitar. Since we moved to Kansas City he has purchased an electric guitar, an amp, and some guitar petals. Let me just tell you that this habit of his is very expensive. There is always one more things to get to make you sound great and have fun while playing, and also your guitar gets old after 2 months. Well that's not true, but you always want the better, more expensive one, because they are the best. Matt and I have paid for some lessons from Issac Meyer and now we are trading lessons for lunch from a new friend, Nate. Nate is great with Kaeo and plays on two sets with Kaeo.

Kaeo has been learning so much and picks things up so fast. One of his teams has played in the Global Prayer Room which is the main prayer room here in Kansas City. It is the one that gets web streamed, but the two times he has played it was not web casted. The set he was on is called "keeping the fire burning". The official prayer room gets moved to another building for a few hours and while they do that they have other worship teams come in and do a set.

So he got to play on in the GPR tonight on Tamise's set. She has been a great leader and very gracious to let Kaeo play with her. I mean he is skilled, but he is only 13 and we are living in a place filled with musically gifted people. Recently their lead guitar person had to leave and Tamise was looking for a new electric guitar player. Kaeo was 2nd electric guitar player on the team which means that he usually plays rhythm and not any major leads in a song or lead any cycles that they have. After a few weeks of playing without a lead electric and some hard and impressive work by Kaeo, Tamise said she wasn't going to look for another electric and that Kaeo would now be lead guitar. Kaeo was very happy with that news. He knows things can change, and he will not be offended by it, but he was so happy to be given that honor.

Well, he got to play again in the GPR, like I already said about 3 times. He also got to start a song and lead a cycle. Tamise writes some great songs and one of her songs is introduced by Kaeo. I took a video but I didn't get Kaeo's solo start but this song is really highlighted by the electric guitar. This is a great song. I absolutely love it. I hope that you enjoy this song and Kaeo's electric guitar. Please don't mind my singing. It is such a good song that I can't help it!!!

Kaeo is on electric guitar, Nate is playing bass and standing behind the piano players, our good friend Ashton is playing the piano closest to Kaeo, and Tamise is on the acoustic guitar.

We are so proud of Kaeo. He will be a great leader someday. I Love you so much!