Sunday, May 16, 2010


To celebrate Boy's Day, a friend traveling to Japan, and just because we miss the food in Hawaii, I decided to make some Mochi.
Chi-chi dango!

Actually, the trip to the Oriental Market made me so ono (hungry) for some really good local food. So that night we had some mochiko chicken and California rolls.

Thanks to Aunty Evelyn, Reagan's mom, I have a very awesome mochi recipe and I was able to make the best mochi I have had in months. So authentic with the potato starch on the outside and everything!

Anyways, the family enjoyed it and that was the point!

Yeah for Mochi!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010


Hey, It's Keala here to tell you about my birthday!

Well, my birthday actually started at 12:00 am, when my parents took me and my brothers to IHOP (International House of Pancakes). It was really fun to stay up till one 'oclock and have dessert just for my birthday.

I had a vanilla milk shake and some of my mom's fries. It was very yummy, but I was really tired.

These are some pictures of our time at IHOP.

And more IHOP pictures.

More pictures of us at IHOP!

On my birthday my mom, Aunty Jen,
and I went to Cinzetti's.

That is an all you can eat Itallian place. I ate so much pizza, cheese macaroni, and ice cream.

My aunty had a huge, huge salad. She really enjoyed it!

Then at night my mom made malasadas for me.
All of our friends came over to enjoy
malasadas and say happy birthday to me.

One of my presents was to paint my bedroom. But my mom wanted to do it very special for me. So instead of just painting my room, she along with my Grandma Coralie bought magnet and chalkboard paint. Now I can put magnets up and write on my wall.

It is so awsome. And if that wasn't cool enough, Aunty Jen bought chalk that is 3-D.

Thank you Mom and Grandma! My room is my favorite place.



Keala and Kris spend some of there time each week helping out at the IHOP "food-bank". It's not really a food-bank, but a place where the community of IHOP get some assistance with breads, fresh produce, dairy, and some canned food.

Our responsibilites there are to sort out the bread and bagels that come in. We get breads from Panera, Whole Foods, Price Chopper, and HyVee.

Here is a shot of my beautiful daughter in action. She is great with putting those breads in the bags, but she cannot tie the bags. But that is okay, her mom is there to help her.

After they help out putting everything in it's place, we are free to shop.

We, and everyone else who shop there, are to take only what you need for that day and the next day. It is wonderful to see how God provides all of our needs. It is a faith-builder, especially when you pray for things you want and you get it.

Often Kahi prays for a certain type of cereal. Almost always he gets what he wants. Please understand that stores don't just give everything away. So for us to get some of the things that we get is amazing. God is wonderful to us!

The people who run this ministry called Manna-4-U are Skip and Janet. They are some of the greatest and most hilarious people we have met. Working with them is not work at all. It is tons of fun.

These shots are of some of our spoils that we take home. Isn't that just a beautiful box of food! Thank you Manna-4-U.



Sorry this blog is not about basketball. So if you were expecting that, you can stop reading now. This is about the hair that was cut in the month of March. I decided that it was time for Keala to get a hair chop that would give her a little style, but not make her look sixteen. We cut off about 7 inches or so, but her hair is still very long. Cutting off all the legnth and dead hair made the curls come back.

It also looks great when it is up in a pony tail.

While I was cutting Keala's hair, Kahi was very insistant that I cut his. I was very reluctant beacuse I love his hair long. Thankfully he looks extremly cute with a hair cut, so I cut his off also.

Kaeo needed a hair cut! We just went for the hurry up and get it done look.
Teenagers are about as patient as partents are when they ask you to clean your room!

The only one who escapped the clippers was Kala'i. But he is next . . .

Happy Birthday Kahi !!!

HappyBirthday Kahi !!!
Kahi celebrated his 5th birthday on February 3. It was a very fun day! He got to have an early indulgence when his friends, the Faagutu family, came over to wish him happy birthday.

Later that evening we went to Chucky Cheese with the Yamamoto family. There we had lots of fun playing games, eating pizza, and making tons of noise. I think that Matt and Uncle Ross had more fun than anyone else. They were having a shoot-out at the basketball game.

This is Ezra, one of Kahi's very good friends. He is awesome!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

WOW!!! I haven't kept this thing up at all. I should make this part of homeschool where the kids have to write a blog spot once a week! Not a bad idea . . .

Let me see. It has been about 10 months since I last wrote. Just made it under one year. After May I went on a mental break and an extended summer vacation. I will try to give you a condensed version of what we've been up too . .

Summer: Went on the best and only road trip of our life. We drove from Kansas City, Mo, to Spokane, WA. Then from Spokane, WA, to Eugene, OR. Then from there we went to Yellowstone National Park in WY. Next we stopped in Rapid City, SD, to see Mount Rushmore. Finally back home to Kansas City, MO.

Fall: Stayed in Kansas City and plugged into the House of Prayer. The Holy Spirit moves in power among the students and it looks like the beginnings of a "Great Awakening".

Winter: My dad flies us HOME to HAWAII!!! We spent a month in Hawaii enjoying the warmth of the sun, but more betta is the warmth of the 'Ohana! Hawaii no ka oi.

So that is the short little wrap up of what has been going on since the last post and hopefully the next one will not take as long to write. (Hehe)