Sunday, December 4, 2011

Perez is in Kansas City, MO

We were so fortunate to have the Perez family come and visit us for Thanksgiving.  It was nice to have coffee, cook, shop, and relax with Karlene.  Elisa had a blast with Kahiau.  They were like long lost siblings.  No fighting, just a lot of laughing and silliness.  Then of course there is Rick who is just... well... Rick.  He had meetings set up, he was in briefing rooms, he was praying from the mic, and buying Christmas gifts for the needy.  I love spending time with them!!!

 Here are Elisa and Kahiau in the car talking to each other.  They would say the darnedest things!  And they wouldn't stop laughing.  It was quite funny.  Below, they are praying together so that they can eat.  Good friend!!

FYI:  Elisa has the best laugh!

 We didn't get to take Kar fishing because it got too cold here, but we did go to Legends of Asia.  This is my husbands first of many plates!  He likes to make his plate very nice and neat.

We also got to spend time with Daniel and Levi Lim. 

Mahalo Rick, Karlene, and Elisa for visiting and for loving our family with everything you have!!!  We miss you guys and can't wait till we see you again.  We love you!

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